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 As much as I hate the guys that write the viruses, I have to acknowledge their ingenuity. They found that trying to infect a computer one-at-a-time was not as efficient as infecting common, everyday web sites and letting people go to them. We had a customer that got infected by going to the firestone website. Another lady was sitting with her grand-daughter and went to barbie website and got infected. The virus codes are written directly into the web pages. This is why it is very important to keep your computer up-to-date with all the Microsoft updates.  I also strongly suggest an antivirus program that can analyze the website before you go there. A very good program that we recommend is AVG. As a home user, you can download their free version. The website is 

Sometimes, you can get rid of some simple viruses by starting the computer in safe mode and running SYSTEM RESTORE. To bring your system back to a time before the virus infected you, boot in 'Safe Mode' and login as administrator. To boot your computer into Safe Mode, start from a power down computer.  Power on the PC and immediately start pressing the F8 key once a second until you see a text menu that says 'Safe Mode' as the first selection.   The system will come up and tell you it is in Safe Mode and will show you 2 buttons - Yes and No.  The Yes button will run the PC in Safe Mode so you can undo things manually.  The No button will launch the 'System Restore' program.  It will show you a calendar with bolded dates that you can select for the system to restore to.  Follow the prompts to restore your PC.